Wedding Movie Recommendation! 60s Romantic Dramedy: Goodbye Columbus

Movies about young love in the 60s are inevitably more weighty than those of today. Goodbye Columbus is no rom-com, although it does have a classic meet-cute by a country club pool. Based on novellas by Philip Roth, that’s where it parts ways with today’s flights of fancy about young relationships. Goodbye Columbus deals with issues of assimilation, social mobility and is capped off by a gigantic wedding that is a sight to behold. Be prepared for dramedy – leaning more towards the drama side.

Let us know what you think! Leave comments once you’ve watched any of our Wedding Movies!

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Bridal Shows? Old news. Welcome to the age of Wedding Shows!

The language of weddings is changing as the marriage equality victories multiply.  (Don’t fret Utah – California has seen this movie and we know the good guys win in the end.) As I wrote recently, the term “bride” is feeling a bit outdated for some to-be-weds. We want all couples to feel welcome at our showcase event, so Wedding Warriors is sponsoring the Palm Springs area’s first luxury…Wedding Shows!

We’ll feature the best of Palm Springs wedding vendors, at top local venues.  The finest in flowers, food, and entertainment from throughout Riverside County will be showcased. Expect tastings, demonstrations and glamorous fashion shows for stylish to-be-weds. Plus, tons of daily give-aways, a raffle, and a SECRET GRAND PRIZE at each show!

Mark your calendars:  February 23, 2014  Hard Rock Hotel Palm Springs   11:30am to 2:30pm   and  March 2nd, 2014  Palm Valley Country Club  1:00pm-5:00pm

Both shows are free, and open to the public.  All are welcome!  We’re calling these “Wedding Shows” because we’re dedicated to making sure everyone who wants a beautiful wedding has one, no matter who you love.  So ring the bells!  Here come the Wedding Shows!

Palm Springs wedding florist My Little Flower Shop says "cheese!"
Palm Springs wedding florist My Little Flower Shop says “cheese!”


To learn more about weddding shows, or any other wedding planning issues, please contact us. My Little Flower Shop is the premiere wedding florist in Palm Springs. Gregory and Alan have been proudly serving the Desert Cities since 2010. 

The 4th of July Non-Weekend. Bad for Brides? Good for Guests? You decide.

Ah the calendar.  Tomorrow, the 4th of July falls on a WEDNESDAY for the first time in many years.  For those with office jobs whose vacation days are comparable to certain rare truffles in the food world, this is a big deal. There are calculations by which you can take only a few days off, and yet stretch your vacation and/or wedding weekend to five days, all with the aid of a well placed Monday or Friday out of the office.  Thanksgiving is the ultimate centerpiece to the art of stretching PTO: you can take a full seven days and only “spend” three.

But this year (darned Gregorians) Fourth of July isn’t participating.  And some are breathing a sigh of relief.  Hint: it’s not the brides.  People who might have attended weddings this holiday, are attending barbeques.  And parades.  And celebrating Independence Day well, independently.  There are many people who don’t want to have their summer plans set for them by receiving a “save the date” in February and being expected to clear their calendars.

As a bride, it’s hard to see outside the bubble where your wedding is the Most Important Thing In The World, but sometimes people have fun things scheduled at the same time or want to have that option.  And that’s OK. (Well your sister really ought to keep her schedule open, but let the rest of your list plan their own vacations, and lead their own lives. It’s not anybody’s fault, and there shouldn’t be any lasting drama or upset about who had something else going on that day ).

All thoughts running through my head on a summer’s day… enjoy your barbeques tomorrow.  And the weddings that are happening this weekend!  Remember, you can always have sparklers no matter what time of year it is*  And no matter who comes, or what the season, your wedding will light up with joy and memories for everyone.

Live well, and love well.



* please check the fire regulations in your area and at your venue!