My Little Flower Shop – The Best of Coachella Valley

My Little Flower Shop - The Best of Coachella Valley

My Little Bridal Boutique Website Is Coming!

What for the new Bridal Boutique website.   We are open at the shop and we are in the process of building a new website to show you styles and brides you have said yes to the dress.

Getting Ready for Your Wedding

Getting Ready for Your WeddingALWAYS read the fine print. Great general advice, but wedding-wise, it’s extra important. So what’s the story on fine print anyway? And how does a couple make sure they don’t miss something that comes back to bite them in the budget? Read on.

Fine print refers to the teeny tiny writing at the ends of contracts. Parts of an arrangement that might not be so favorable to a consumer hide out there, not in 12 point helvetica.  Or perhaps they slip in an extra page of  “terms and conditions.”

You agree to those by signing the main agreement, so it’s your responsibility to make sure you’ve read through the whole contract.  And, our advice is to have someone outside the happy pair read it too.  Sometimes the gauzy visions of a perfect wedding at a special spot can make that tiny priny VERY blurry, and before you know it, you’ve agreed to fill the venue’s koi pond, and shop for the chef’s special spices in Madagascar.

Another thing to look for in fine print is that you’re booking the professional you are meeting, not one of their representatives. Make sure the contract doesn’t say that the individual (photographer, baker, etc.) can have someone else step in.  If you’re paying for that professional’s services at your wedding you need to make sure you sign a document that says so, as opposed to one that says he can send his assistant and go to Lake Tahoe on your dime.

You may find other surprises in your contracts, read them with eagle eyes, and before your evening glass of chardonnay.  But if you’re careful, you can avoid any nasty surprises from the fine print.

Be well, and love well.


Too busy with your wedding to celebrate Halloween?

Sorry, wrong answer. Don’t shrug off the fun stuff because your wedding is keeping you busy. Get a couples’ costume and find yourselves a party!



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Megan and Mike Vaughn’s Wedding at Smoke Tree Ranch—the-vows—palm-springs-ca

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Hazel and Evan’s big day!

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Bridal Show

Bridal Show
Sunday Jan. 18 11:30 – 3:00
JW Marriott – Palm Desert

SMILE! And keep your Hollywood kids- I’ll take these girls any day.

You’re never fully dressed without a smile,  and without making your best effort at everything you do.  So maybe you’re not perfect and polished. Maybe you don’t feel like you have your act together. Who cares? You’ll get there. SMILE!



Lists are an important part of planning any big project, but the wedding industry has fetishized lists: the checklist is the most used tool in a planners vocabulary to keep things organized and under control.  So here it is – my top five list of tips about lists:

1)   Stay Flexible. Sticking too strictly to a list can derail any good plan.  Allow for some flexibility- don’t make plans/time/life less efficient because of your list.

2)   Stay Realistic.  Nothing feels worse than not accomplishing goals – so when you put too much on one list, you’re shooting yourself in the foot.  If your list is do-able, you’ll get it done and feel great.

3)   Stay Calm.  Sometimes writing down everything you need to do can be overwhelming!  If lists freak you out, try limiting yours to three or five items at a time.  If you’re still panicky, maybe they aren’t the best organizational tool for you.

4)   Stay focused.  Use the list to keep you on task.  Dawdling in front of the candles at the craft store? Check the list.  Where are you supposed to be? Re-orient yourself around the task at hand and get on with your productive day.

5)   Stay happy.  All tough stuff on the list will wear you down.  Make sure you tack on a task or stop that makes you happy! A milkshake, or visit to a favorite local park, make sure to put yourself on the list.  You’re important too!

So there you have it, a list about lists. Ready to make your own? Get going!


Be well, and love well.