POLL! The Garter Toss. Should We Toss It From The Wedding Reception?

Last post we talked about the bouquet. Today we pick up the garter toss.  In theory this is a bit of bawdy fun where the groom reaches under the bride’s wedding dress, and pulls a special garter off her leg (ooh la la!).  The garter is then thrown, bouquet style to the eager groomsmen.  Problem is, at some weddings, it’s turned into a cringe inducing lap-dance/up-skirt flashing fiasco. At a wedding I attended, prior to the garter removal (teeth, of course)

look like fun? or humiliating? Weigh in!
look like fun? or humiliating? Weigh in!

the groom donned a blindfold, and fondled the legs of female guests to see if he could find the bride!  All in front of Grandma.  That put me off this particular tradition personally but I’m all for grooms who want to have their fun embracing their inner Chippendale.  My advice would be to discuss in advance exactly what you’re comfortable with – good practice for married life!

So, what do you think?  To toss, or not to toss?

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Bridesmaids & Groomsmen’s Gifts – Avoid Envy!

I’ll never forget a wedding rehearsal dinner I attended where the proud groom beamed as his groomsmen opened their gifts: (then brand-new to the market) ipod shuffles!  I stole a glance at the bride across the room gifting garnet jewelry to her dearest friends, matching the maroon dresses they’d wear the next day. Dresses they’d paid dearly for, and would likely be on their way to Goodwill within 48 hours of the bouquet toss.

Gifts that mean something will touch Bridesmaids more than matchy matchy jewelry.

The groomsmen were gleeful as they  tore open the little boxes from Apple like kids on Christmas morning, and high-fived one another.  The girls sat drinking champagne quietly.  Let this be a lesson, brides. Chances are, your bridesmaids already own lovely jewelry they can wear to your wedding. So what if it isn’t matchy matchy? They’ll all show a bit of personality. That leaves you free to give them something that really reflects how much you care, and is not made of Swarovski crystal. Best of all, you get to see your girls high-fiving at your rehearsal dinner. Christmas morning here we come!

Be well and love well,


My Little Marital Bliss Shop: Never Stop Dating

Cadillac CTS Coupé Concept
Cadillac CTS Coupé Concept (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Who’s dating your man? It had better be you honey boo boo child, before, during AND after the wedding.  He was beguiled by your charm and fun personality, and fell in love on dates with you. Keep the initial spark alive by still going out regularly- and I don’t mean some kind of obligatory once-a-week dinner that you drag yourselves through. Snooze fest. Think about what you really enjoy doing together, or separately, and have some adventures! You can go as far as a weekend get-away, or stay as close as your own kitchen, but be creative.

Recently I told my husband we were going on a mystery outing. He had no idea where, but loved trying to guess!  He’d been talking for the last few weeks about wanting to test-drive a Cadillac CTS Coupe, so I had found a local dealer, and we went on a “Sunday Drive” to go take a look.  He was very surprised that I would even come up with such a thing, and was thrilled to pieces. The date was a hit because it was something he was really into, and it warmed his heart that I had been listening.

If your imagination is running a little slow these days, The Dating Divas have a website chock full of ideas to spice things up. (No, not that way. Get your mind out of the gutter). They have themed dates, bargain dates, at-home dates for after the kids go to bed… you get the idea.  So go out and get dating!

Be well, and love well.


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