Wedding Planning Ideas: Write Them Down!

We’ve been re-arranging, decorating and cleaning our humble home recently. The blog Apartment Therapy and their guided “January Cure,” (a task-a-day kick start to a year of clutter clearing and nesting activities,) got us going and now we’re off on all sorts of projects and improvements. When we get on this sort of kick, the … Read moreWedding Planning Ideas: Write Them Down!

Limit Your Internet Wedding Planning Time! (otherwise you’ll go nutty)

I have an Ipad.  I love it! I have this great app called Flipboard that pulls together my favorite blogs and websites.  But if I start reading everything, I can get completely lost in happy ipad land, and then all of a sudden an hour later I realize that none of the laundry’s been folded, … Read moreLimit Your Internet Wedding Planning Time! (otherwise you’ll go nutty)

Bridesmaids & Groomsmen’s Gifts – Avoid Envy!

I’ll never forget a wedding rehearsal dinner I attended where the proud groom beamed as his groomsmen opened their gifts: (then brand-new to the market) ipod shuffles!  I stole a glance at the bride across the room gifting garnet jewelry to her dearest friends, matching the maroon dresses they’d wear the next day. Dresses they’d … Read moreBridesmaids & Groomsmen’s Gifts – Avoid Envy!