Limit Your Internet Wedding Planning Time! (otherwise you’ll go nutty)

English: iPad picture
English: iPad picture (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have an Ipad.  I love it! I have this great app called Flipboard that pulls together my favorite blogs and websites.  But if I start reading everything, I can get completely lost in happy ipad land, and then all of a sudden an hour later I realize that none of the laundry’s been folded, none of my phone calls have been made and, well, I’ve wasted a whole boatload of time.

It’s not a new problem – getting sucked in to something online.  Facebook? Twitter? Don’t get me started.  But the absolute worst (or is it the best) way to lose yourself online is the whole World Wide Wedding-sphere.  As a bride, I could hardly pull myself away, which was hard because my boss was mean and didn’t care all that much that I was getting married.

So here’s my advice.  Set a timer- no more than 30 minutes at a time. Could be on the computer, your cell phone, or even the plain old kitchen timer on your counter, but it will keep you from falling down the internet wedding rabbit hole.

Live well, and love well.