POLL! The Garter Toss. Should We Toss It From The Wedding Reception?

Last post we talked about the bouquet. Today we pick up the garter toss.  In theory this is a bit of bawdy fun where the groom reaches under the bride’s wedding dress, and pulls a special garter off her leg (ooh la la!).  The garter is then thrown, bouquet style to the eager groomsmen.  Problem is, at some weddings, it’s turned into a cringe inducing lap-dance/up-skirt flashing fiasco. At a wedding I attended, prior to the garter removal (teeth, of course)

look like fun? or humiliating? Weigh in!
look like fun? or humiliating? Weigh in!

the groom donned a blindfold, and fondled the legs of female guests to see if he could find the bride!  All in front of Grandma.  That put me off this particular tradition personally but I’m all for grooms who want to have their fun embracing their inner Chippendale.  My advice would be to discuss in advance exactly what you’re comfortable with – good practice for married life!

So, what do you think?  To toss, or not to toss?

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