Lauren Bacall’s Bouquet Toss

In honor of her passing, posted this priceless footage of Lauren Bacall and Humphrey Bogart on their wedding weekend – including a classic bouquet toss. Back in the forties, the bouquet toss had yet to devolve into the single-woman shaming exercise that it has often become today (we at My Little Flower Shop are advocates of the bouquet presentation- a very sweet tradition.)

I am guessing that this was all staged for the cameras.  Movie studios had a way of capiatalizing on a good love story, making stars under contract “date” each other, so a re-enactment of these events wouldn’t surprise me.  But, somehow I don’t think a couple that much in love would have allowed cameras at the real events. In noir parlance- I bet you dollars to donuts that kind of dame would have been looking for romance.

RIP Lauren Bacall.

Wedding Movie Recommendation! 60s Romantic Dramedy: Goodbye Columbus

Movies about young love in the 60s are inevitably more weighty than those of today. Goodbye Columbus is no rom-com, although it does have a classic meet-cute by a country club pool. Based on novellas by Philip Roth, that’s where it parts ways with today’s flights of fancy about young relationships. Goodbye Columbus deals with issues of assimilation, social mobility and is capped off by a gigantic wedding that is a sight to behold. Be prepared for dramedy – leaning more towards the drama side.

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Wedding Movie of the Week! Australian dramedy – Muriel’s Wedding

Do you like a good dramedy?  Great acting? ABBA? You are cordially invited to Muriel’s Wedding.  An Australian film that hit the same year as Priscilla Queen of the Desert (a fabulous wedding-less film), Muriel’s Wedding was poorly marketed as a fun comedy. It does get funny, but it’s dark and at times you just want to give Muriel masterfully played by Toni Collette – in her second film role – a hug. The soundtrack is infectious, and I believe, along with Priscilla brought about the big ABBA revival that led to MAMMA MIA!  As Muriel’s Wedding is very touching, well stocked with  sharp satire, but not the fun comedy Hollywood execs made it out to be, American “guests” did not enjoy it.  Me excepted apparently – and hopefully you too.