Grandma’s Advice That Shows (Or Doesn’t) on The Red Carpet

In terms of clothing, Grandmas across America have a lot of advice.  Among my favorites:

“Wear a lined bra so your nipples don’t show. You’ll look like a lady.”

“Never get rid of rhinestone jewelry, it always comes back into style.”

and the all-time classic,

“Be yourself.”

That last one was on display for all the world to see last night in Hollywood at the Academy Awards.  You can always tell who feels comfortable in their gown, and who got talked into a dress she was told would be “faaaaabulous” by some stylist trying to get her name in the paper.

We had a lot of love last night for Melissa McCarthy, nominee for best supporting actress for “Bridesmaids.”  They were ripping her dress to shreds on E! during their pre-show when her stylist came on and told the story of how they collaborated on the dress, and how happy she was with it, and how she loved it more than any dress she’d ever had.  And she looked great.  Why? She was happy. She was comfortable.  She was being herself.  (Note to Grandma McCarthy – don’t worry.  She looked like a lady).

A happy, glowing Melissa McCarthy. Being 100% Herself.

Make sure you feel like yourself in your wedding dress.  Whether or not you’re a lady? That’s up to you.

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Matthew McConaughey’s Christmas Miracle; an object lesson in supporting  friends who date slackers.

Presumably, you have heard that favorite Hollywood player, Matthew McConaughey is ending 2011 with a flourish; proposing marriage to the mother of his children, his patient, beautiful girlfriend of many years, Camila Alves. It’s a fair bet that while they are all thrilled, some of her friends are dumbfounded.

We all have that friend, who’s with that guy.  The the one we talk about in hushed tones, shaking our heads. Bemoaning that he’s not smart enough, funny enough, tall enough for her. That he’s moving too slow, that he’s never going to grow up, and basically that she needs to move along, there’s nothing date here, let alone marry.   Here’s the thing to remember, when the gang is strategizing your galpal’s exit strategy: Is she happy? If the answer is yes, no matter how you qualify it, you have to let go.  You love her, and she feels loved, so she’s right on this one. To paraphrase the Bard, there are more good boyfriends/husbands than are dreamt of in your philosophy.

Slackers can grow up, put on their shirts, and put down their bongos. And we should support the women we love who love them. Congratulations Camila and Matthew.


Camila Alves & Matthew McConaughey
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