Tis the season for date night at the movies!

Julie Benz at the Showtime Golden Globes Party...
Julie Benz at the Showtime Golden Globes Party, The Peninsula Hotel, Beverly Hills, Calif. – Jan. 11, 2009 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s awards season! What does that mean for regular folks? If you’ve got a sweetie, put date night on the calendar, you crazy kids!  It’s time to go to the movies. Between us at MLFS we’ve got 50+ years of hard scientific data showing that seeing movies together is good for a relationship.

So, who picks the movie?  You’re bound to have divergent thoughts. The trick is you’ve got to indulge each other. Our friend Jim loved films like “The Notebook” and was an avid viewer of “Dawson’s Creek.”  When he got married, and our gift to them was a gift card to the Arclight Theatre, I made him promise he’d let his wife go see some cars blow up now and again.  Trade off between films that interest you both, and those that appeal strongly to one of you.  You’ll be surprised, I’ve ended up liking a lot of “International thrillers” that I went to reluctantly “for” Stephen.

Overall, be considerate and loving. Share popcorn, but buy your date his/her own coke.  Don’t believe the classic “oh I’ll only have a sip” line.  If you’re in one of the new theatres where the armrests move, push it up and snuggle close. Enjoy yourselves, but keep it clean, kids.

Live well, and love well.


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Wedding movie! Academy Award Nominated Drama- “After The Wedding”


Hey y’all! been quiet for a bit, and a long time since our last film recommendation. We’re back with a new wedding movie- an Academy Award nominated Danish film: After The Wedding.

Now I’m not gonna lie, this one is not a feel good fuzzy type deal. But it does speak to the greater issues of how we relate to each other as people. I recommend the film along with some kleenex and a friend for coffee and discussion afterwards. Have honor attendants in other states watch with you and skype! Definitely worth seeing, but be ready for a heavy film.

Wedding Movie Of The Week!

My Best Friend’s Wedding, starring Julia Roberts is a fine late 20th century example of an old Hollywood favorite: the wedding centered romantic comedy starring Hollywood’s “it” girl. that formula has been in existence almost as long as moving pictures themselves. Fine early examples “It Happened One Night” and “The Philadelphia Story” have previously appeared on the blog, one in our series one for its fashion (and soon in our series now that I realized its absence!)

My Best Friend’s Wedding is funny, colorful, poignant and stands out among the flimsy cardboard wedding movie copies that attempt to follow in its footsteps. Julia Roberts shines. And she’s still an “it” girl people, even living in Montana with her handsome lighting guy husband. Check out My Best Friend’s Wedding.