Wedding Movie Recommendation!

Everybody loves Mr. Rogers.  This sweet documentary film, Mr. Rogers & Me, is the tale of a young guy becoming a man – and how a chance encounter outside his summer vacation rental set him on a quest to search out people who could teach him the ways of peace, kindness and emotional depth that Mr. Rogers had awakened in him, and to some extent in all of us who ever watched him put on his cardigan and toss his  sneakers in the air.  This quest left Benjamin Wagner and his brother better men than when they began it, and left me sniffling into a very crumpled kleenex. Enjoy. (and yes – keep an eye out for that wedding.)


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Wedding movie! Academy Award Nominated Drama- “After The Wedding”


Hey y’all! been quiet for a bit, and a long time since our last film recommendation. We’re back with a new wedding movie- an Academy Award nominated Danish film: After The Wedding.

Now I’m not gonna lie, this one is not a feel good fuzzy type deal. But it does speak to the greater issues of how we relate to each other as people. I recommend the film along with some kleenex and a friend for coffee and discussion afterwards. Have honor attendants in other states watch with you and skype! Definitely worth seeing, but be ready for a heavy film.

My Big Fat…Korean Wedding? NEW WEDDING MOVIE! Wedding Palace

Nothing like a new wedding movie to get me all jazzed! I’m going to have to find this one in a local theater so I can do a proper review on the blog.  But the preview looks awesome. Check it out!