My Big Fat…Korean Wedding? NEW WEDDING MOVIE! Wedding Palace

Nothing like a new wedding movie to get me all jazzed! I’m going to have to find this one in a local theater so I can do a proper review on the blog.  But the preview looks awesome. Check it out!

THE WEDDING MOVIE OF THE WEEK: 80s coming of age sleeper – Mystic Pizza

While not “about” a wedding, there is one in there, qualifying Mystic Pizza for our series. This coming-of-age story  is a delicious mix of comedy, pathos and something lacking in both wedding movies and non wedding movies lately: great characters.  Three feisty girls learning about life, love, and running a pizzeria, one well played by a pre-Pretty Woman Julia Roberts. Enjoy this little piece of the 80s.  Recommended pairing – a thin crust pie with pepperoni and onions.

If you landed here actually looking for pizza in Mystic? I’m a big proponent of the communities on Chowhound – try this thread.

Note: “Wedding Movie Wednesday” is now “The Wedding Movie Of The Week.”  The only people finding my movie recs were my mom (love u mom!) and a girl in Tuscaloosa named Wednesday.

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Yes, there's always something about weddings in spoilers...
Yes, there’s always something about weddings in these…no spoilers…

and peeking in on how much harder life used to be in the 1900s?  I Remember Mama is perfect for reminding you how much love you have in your heart for the people who also are driving you nuts about your wedding plans. Invite Mom over!

Happy viewing.

Be well and love well.


PS – wedding vendors – you’ve never seen such romance in about hiring a caterer! Worth watching just for that scene towards the end.