Get Ready For The Oscars!

Red carpet coverage for the Academy Awards starts early, especially if you live on the West coast, so if you want to relax and enjoy the year’s most entertainingly narrated fashion show, you’ve got to get ready!  Whether you’ve got a big crowd coming or it’s just you and the cat, make sure everyone is … Read moreGet Ready For The Oscars!

Grandma’s Advice That Shows (Or Doesn’t) on The Red Carpet

In terms of clothing, Grandmas across America have a lot of advice.  Among my favorites: “Wear a lined bra so your nipples don’t show. You’ll look like a lady.” “Never get rid of rhinestone jewelry, it always comes back into style.” and the all-time classic, “Be yourself.” That last one was on display for all … Read moreGrandma’s Advice That Shows (Or Doesn’t) on The Red Carpet