Get Ready For The Oscars!

Red carpet coverage for the Academy Awards starts early, especially if you live on the West coast, so if you want to relax and enjoy the year’s most entertainingly narrated fashion show, you’ve got to get ready!  Whether you’ve got a big crowd coming or it’s just you and the cat, make sure everyone is ready far in advance so you don’t miss a single sequin.

Anne Hathaway in white Chanel - Bridal inspiration?
Anne Hathaway in white Chanel – Bridal inspiration?

For your Oscar prep make sure you stock

  • snacks Brie en croute or pigs in a blanket – go with your crowd’s sensibilities (for furry guests include cat treats).
  • drinks Champagne is celebratory, so is old fashioned punch with sherbet
  • ice Key if people are bringing drinks that may be straight off store shelves
  • ballots – create your own, or find printables online like these from the fine folks at
  • friends with strong fashion and/or film opinions!

That last one is optional – there are those among us who hold the Oscars as a very sacred experience and don’t want a lot of people chatting through the speeches.  For you erudite types, either find like-minded souls or have an intimate evening: you and Mr. Wiggles.

Live well, and love well.