The Wedding Movie of the Week! Classic Hollywood Musical – Funny Face

I’ve got the 1956 theater trailer below! How exciting! Audrey Hepburn outfitted by Givenchy in a movie set in Paris already is genius. Throw in Fred Astaire, amazing dance numbers* and the George Gershwin songs, and you have classic Hollywood musical magic.

Bon voyage! As they say in the trailer, you’re going to have a marvelous time!


*did you know Audrey Hepburn was a trained dancer before she started acting?

Wedding Movie Wednesday Suspended – Supreme Court News

OK – yes, it’s Wedding Movie Wednesday, but what with the momentous events of this morning, I just can’t idly prattle on about wedding movies.  Today at the Supreme Court, we turned a corner as a country. All details aside, the bottom line is that love is love, and that a same sex couple getting married should cause no more uproar than any other two people (no comment from this Palm Springs florist on uproar caused by crazy families, everybody’s got those).

So,having overcome obstacles both dramatic and comical, we have a victory for love. I said no movie talk, but in the end, isn’t two couples embracing on the steps of the Supreme Court the Hollywood ending we all hoped for?

Be well, and love well. Finally EQUALLY well.


DOMA and Prop 8 – The Supreme Court Decisions on Gay Marriage

Picking The Right Honeymoon

When deciding on a honeymoon, it’s important to keep in mind what kind of travelers you and your partner are, and how you enjoy spending your time together.

Do you like exploring your environment, and learning about the place you’re visiting? Then an island getaway to an all-inclusive couples’ resort is going to feel like luxury prison.  Probably also wise to skip a cruise.

Are you the type of couple who loves to relax, be pampered and not think about details? A multi-city European tour is not for you.

An all inclusive resort - a perfect honeymoon for the right couple!
An all inclusive resort – a perfect honeymoon for the right couple!

The bottom line: think about how you spend your down time at home, and pick a vacation that matches your temperaments.  You may find that you end up on “stay-cation” because major travel together stresses you out!  That will save two things: your money AND your marriage.

Be well, and love well.