Lauren Bacall’s Bouquet Toss

In honor of her passing, posted this priceless footage of Lauren Bacall and Humphrey Bogart on their wedding weekend – including a classic bouquet toss. Back in the forties, the bouquet toss had yet to devolve into the single-woman shaming exercise that it has often become today (we at My Little Flower Shop are advocates of the bouquet presentation- a very sweet tradition.)

I am guessing that this was all staged for the cameras.  Movie studios had a way of capiatalizing on a good love story, making stars under contract “date” each other, so a re-enactment of these events wouldn’t surprise me.  But, somehow I don’t think a couple that much in love would have allowed cameras at the real events. In noir parlance- I bet you dollars to donuts that kind of dame would have been looking for romance.

RIP Lauren Bacall.

Tossing the Bouquet Toss – All The Single Ladies (and gents) Will Thank You.

At some the end of some weddings, a bouquet is tossed to a crowd of happy singletons. Right? Often though, when a DJ turns up the Beyonce and puts out the call, eligible folks disappear into the woodwork.  When I was on wedding attendant duty, I always found that was a perfect time to sprinkle rose petals in the honeymoon suite. Honestly, unmarried people want nothing to do with this archaic bouquet

Fear not, Newlyweds! You can ceremonially dispose of flowers without setting your single friends’ teeth on edge. Try this: instead of throwing your flowers at someone, which is a little hostile when you think about it, GIVE them to a person you wish to honor.  Grandma, Honor Attendant, childhood best friend, you pick. We at MLFS even make you a “toss” bouquet so you can keep your own gorgeous bouquet for yourself!

I’m betting you have a guest who’d be thrilled with a special posy. And trust me, there are singles who will be thrilled with not having their marital status paraded around the dance floor.

Be well, and love well.