Wedding Movie Recommendation! 60s Romantic Dramedy: Goodbye Columbus

Movies about young love in the 60s are inevitably more weighty than those of today. Goodbye Columbus is no rom-com, although it does have a classic meet-cute by a country club pool. Based on novellas by Philip Roth, that’s where it parts ways with today’s flights of fancy about young relationships. Goodbye Columbus deals with issues of assimilation, social mobility and is capped off by a gigantic wedding that is a sight to behold. Be prepared for dramedy – leaning more towards the drama side.

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Cupid’s Come A Knockin’, Go Open The Door!

Well, it’s that time of year again.  Valentine’s Day. The terrible romantic comedies are on their way to the theaters (Reese Witherspoon being fought over by two CIA agents? Really)? And the jewelry stores ads for heart shaped pendants are in heavy rotation.  But you haven’t noticed.  Who’s watching TV? Or going to he movies? There are invitations to look at,  and flower girl dresses to order and you must keep an eye on Aunt Sue who keeps trying to invite her entire bridge club to your bachelorette spa weekend.

Pick up your head for a minute.  Valentine’s Day.  Love? Romance? The reason you’re wearing that sparkly little number on your left hand in the first place?  February 14 is a day (and a few days around it) to pay attention to your relationship rather than your wedding.  And I don’t care if the thing is next weekend, you still need to take some time, look that man in the eyes, and CONNECT.  No wedding talk allowed.  No guest lists, no groomsmen’s gifts, no nothing.

So ladies, when Cupid comes a knockin’, you open that door and let in the LOVE.

Go plan a Rockin’ Valentine’s Day!


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