Go to the Head of the Class – The Country’s Classiest Event Inspiration

There is no place that has classier events than the Obama White House.  The Duchess of Cambridge is sure to catch up sooner or later as an entertaining powerhouse. Being future queen of England, and a past event planner she’s uniquely qualified to surpass even Jacqueline Kennedy in the realm of entertaining world leaders.  But for the moment, she’s busy training her puppy not to eat trash, so the Obamas will have to carry the mantle.

While they do, official White House photographers are taking luscious photos of all the details.  You can catch great shots of state dinners, individually plated dishes, and other social and foodie events on the official WH blog:


The White House website also has photo galleries full of state dinners, receptions and luncheons that inspire.

So go on, class it up!

The Hon. Barack Obama and Michelle Obama
The Hon. Barack Obama and Michelle Obama (Photo credit: AN HONORABLE GERMAN)
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Amazing Ceremony Decor Idea – Artists Are Full Of ‘Em!

This image, from the photostream of fiber artist Odile Gova, is a phenomenal idea for a ceremony site full of trees.  Labor intesive to be sure, wrapping trees in lace would be no picnic. But the greater point here is the non-traditional source of the idea.  I found the image on Pinterest – but nowhere near the “weddings/events” category.  My point – event design is an art – so why not follow the lead of visual artists? Cast your net beyond Mindy Weiss and Martha Stewart.  Think outside the Tiffany & Co. box, people!

Lace covered tree

Some artistic folks/blogs to keep an eye on.

Grace Bonney of Design Sponge

Merche Grossomodo – Architect/textile designer/tastemaker in Madrid

Jessica Colaluca – amazing eye for color in the world – and pulling palettes to match.


Live well, love well, and BE CREATIVE!


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You want even more wedding centerpieces? Now this is getting personal..

The stats don’t lie, centerpieces are all the rage. And why not?  They do make a good starting point.  So now we get personal. Here’s the scoop (and the photos) of the centerpieces from my October 2010 wedding expertly planned, designed and coordinated by My Little Flower Shop, soup to nuts.

My now husband and I told Greg the colors we liked, and that we wanted the wedding to be on the contemporary side.  From there, Greg came up with the idea that instead of one big design in the center of the table, he would do three smaller ones – more of a tablescape than a centerpiece.  The outcome was elegant and modern, and suited us perfectly.

This low, rectangular centerpiece element is green cymbidium orchids and seeded eucalyptus in a natural fiber container


This centerpiece element consists of tightly clustered green button poms in a modern glass container lined with a ti leaf
This centerpiece element added height to the trio with white dendrobium orchids in a bed of moss in a neutral ceramic container
Pin-spot lights focused on each table highlight and unify the three pieces and make the glassware sparkle
The tables varied: there were also low arrangements made of green roses.


For more photos of our wedding, click here.

Thanks to Cheryl Mac for her beautiful photographs, and to Greg and Al and Mary for my beautiful wedding.

Be well, and love well!


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