The Devil Is In The Wedding Details

If you read bridal blogs and magazines, there’s a lot of talk of  “details” and “special touches” that brides and wedding planners are using to make 2013 weddings unique to each bridal couple.

Don't let the details get your veil in a twist! It's ok for place cards to be place cards and not art.
Don’t let the details get your veil in a twist! It’s ok for place cards to be place cards and not art.

At the same time, I think the focus on producing creative details can put a lot of pressure on brides especially in this age of Pinterest and so many places to submit beautiful wedding photos for publication. Don’t let the culture of details get into your head- let the unique ideas reveal themselves as you plan. Take a deep breath, and maybe make time online a little less Pinteresting.

Be well, and love well.


Trust Yourself To Pick A Florist You Trust

I completely trust the guy who cuts my hair (Paul Norton at Warren Tricomi salon in West Hollywood – he’s AMAZING). I basically tell him, “make me gorgeous,” and he does his thing. And I end up – guess what – gorgeous!  Every bride should feel the same about her vendors – especially her floral designer.  While you may want to offer more guidance, if they are the right florist, you should trust them enough to say, “here’s my basic vision, the colors I like, now make it gorgeous.”

When My Little Flower Shop did our wedding, Stephen and I knew it would be beautiful.  We knew the overall feel we wanted, and the colors.  And then we told Greg and Al to make it gorgeous. There were no details discussed, but I knew from centerpieces to bouquets it would be perfect ( and it was. Check out our Pinterest board).

The huppah covered in roses, hydrangea, succulents, lisianthus, mums, and beautiful greenery

When Greg called me that morning to ask if it would be OK if he left the tulle off the top of our chuppah (Jewish wedding canopy/structure) because it looked great without it, I laughed.  “Of course – you didn’t even need to call.”

Are you feeling like the lead designer on your own wedding? Making too many decisions, and giving too much direction? Maybe you need to go in a new direction, and to a different florist. Trust yourself!

Be well, and love well.


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A Public Service Announcement from The Easter Bunny.

Easter eggs
Easter eggs (Photo credit: StSaling)

Hello Friends!  I hope you are enjoying Springtime, and frolicking about at your every opportunity.  One thing  I’d like to warn about, and it’s something busy folks fall prey to sometimes, including yours truly.  It’s the “P” word – Procrastination.  Since the Internet came along (will somebody tell Al Gore I’m working on the Peep liver pate, but can’t promise anything) we have further and further fragmented our attention and our time.  The latest rabbit hole I’ve come to know the inner walls of is that of “Pinterest” the online bulletin board site.  I would log on there and see pictures upon pictures of pretty Easter decor, and yummy treats.  By the time I perked up my ears, it was dark outside!

So here’s my tip for anyone finding themselves deep in the depths of any online (or on-screen) activity. Facebook, Word processing, X-box….set a kitchen timer for the amount of time you’d like to allot, and then when that bell goes off, shut it down.  It’s not easy.  But, as my friend Kermit the Frog tells mare some things in life just aren’t. (He refers to being green, but I think it’s widely applicable).


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