When you don’t want a political party.

Tough political fights are expected this election season. How do you keep them out of the dining room come Thanksgiving? Here are some tips to keep your holiday a non-political party.

  • History repeats itself: Who’s given campaign speeches during appetizers before? Speak frankly about their behavior making family members uncomfortable.  When asked politely, most people’s bad behavior can be cut off at the pass.

    Change the subject - talk abut the floral centerpiece!
    Change the subject – talk abut the floral centerpiece!
  • Set ground rules: We think that everyone knows not to discuss politics and religion at big gatherings. Not so. Take a cue from boxing refs and make an announcement: “I want a good clean dinner! Any partisanship gets you bumped to the kids table!”
  • Shut it down: If someone does spout off, don’t just roll your eyes and go with the flow. Be firm but polite, and change the subject. This is your house.

With these tips, your holiday table can be a politics free zone! Time with family can be stressful, but remember, we also need to be grateful for these folks who drive us crazy- because we also happen to love them very much. Enjoy your family!

Be well and love well.


You Can’t Take A Palm Springs Florist On Vacation!

A wedding florist? Busy for Labor Day? Yes- Rosh Hashanah too! But no matter where I go, I can’t get events out of my head. A backyard barbecue? I’m mentally  measuring the place for tables. A High Holiday service? I’m picking out the perfect spot for a chuppah,

A huppah covered in roses, hydrangea, succulents, lisianthus, mums, and beautiful freenery
A huppah covered in roses, hydrangea, succulents, lisianthus, mums, and beautiful greenery

and how My Little Flower Shop would decorate the aisles.  It never turns off ! We are event designers 24/7, even on vacation.  (Do you know what kind of charity ball you could throw at The Louvre?) So I go with it, and know that in the end it can only benefit the couples who come to seek out a wedding florist in Palm Springs. Here we are!  The ideas never stop.  Come on in.

Be well, and love well.


A Happy Valentine’s Mom!

Stephanie shared this adorable shot of her mom with her Valentine’s flowers.  Don’t you want to take her on a tip-toe through the tulips?
From: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
To: mylittleflowershopps@gmail.com
Sent: Thursday, February 14, 2013 12:37 PM
Thank you so much Gregory you made my mom’s 82nd Valentines Day so special!! Thank you again Stephanie


Valentine's Day tulips. Lovely!
Valentine’s Day tulips. Lovely!