When you don’t want a political party.

Tough political fights are expected this election season. How do you keep them out of the dining room come Thanksgiving? Here are some tips to keep your holiday a non-political party. History repeats itself: Who’s given campaign speeches during appetizers before? Speak frankly about their behavior making family members uncomfortable.  When asked politely, most people’s … Read moreWhen you don’t want a political party.

You Can’t Take A Palm Springs Florist On Vacation!

A wedding florist? Busy for Labor Day? Yes- Rosh Hashanah too! But no matter where I go, I can’t get events out of my head. A backyard barbecue? I’m mentally  measuring the place for tables. A High Holiday service? I’m picking out the perfect spot for a chuppah, and how My Little Flower Shop would … Read moreYou Can’t Take A Palm Springs Florist On Vacation!

A Happy Valentine’s Mom!

Stephanie shared this adorable shot of her mom with her Valentine’s flowers.  Don’t you want to take her on a tip-toe through the tulips? From: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx To: mylittleflowershopps@gmail.com Sent: Thursday, February 14, 2013 12:37 PM Subject: Thank you so much Gregory you made my mom’s 82nd Valentines Day so special!! Thank you again Stephanie