A Happy Valentine’s Mom!

Stephanie shared this adorable shot of her mom with her Valentine’s flowers.  Don’t you want to take her on a tip-toe through the tulips?
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Thank you so much Gregory you made my mom’s 82nd Valentines Day so special!! Thank you again Stephanie


Valentine's Day tulips. Lovely!
Valentine’s Day tulips. Lovely!

Psssst…don’t look now, but Valentine’s Day is coming. Start thinking creatively!

That’s right, Valentine’s Day is on its way! Have you thought about your plans for romance? That’s step one- think in advance.  Nothing’s worse than trying to impress your sweetie on short notice.  So now’s the time to start tossing that idea salad in your head.  Dinner at home? Romantic drive to a stargazing spot? Think about your loved one and what fits his or her style.  If he’s a pajamas and ice cream on the sofa kind of guy, a fancy 6 course chef’s tasting menu at Chez Fou-Fou might not be your best investment.  If she hates Valentine’s Day hoopla, skip the hearts-and-cupids type stuff but have a fun activity she loves lined up.  See how that works?  Now get those wheels turning in your creative, unique heads!

Be well, and love well.


Valentine's is more than red, white, hearts and cupids. Don't run with the crowd, think creatively to impress your Valentine!
Valentine’s is more than red, white, hearts and cupids. Don’t run with the crowd, think creatively to impress your Valentine!

Twinkies? We don’t need no stinkin’ Twinkies! Easy Holdiay Party Hostess Success!

Many are afraid of losing the Twinkie to history.  But the word HOSTESS brings on fear of a kind unrelated to chemically enchanced spongecake. Let me be clear: there is no reason to fear having guests. At it’s most basic, entertaining is simple. Order take-out, and be entertaining. 

Guests today are not like those of the 19th century.  They do not come to your home in white-tie expecting to be served a seven course dinner by your Butler.  In fact, if you are clear when you make the invitation, they may not expect to be fed at all.  Recently we had friends over and I invited them for drinks and dessert.  They plainly knew this was not a dinner party, and were delighted with a special winter cocktail, and freshly baked cookies.  But were you neither baker nor drink maker, there are goodies at supermarkets that are delicious, and flavored holiday concoctions that are very celebratory spiked or non!  And truthfully, if there is enough food and booze at a party – everyone has a good time.

Cheers to not waiting for “perfect” parties!

As for being entertaining, you don’t need your own stand-up comedy routine. There are many easy games that take the pressure off you running the gamut from old fashioned charades, to a full on session of “Dance Dance Revolution,” or if you’ve got a more academic crowd, a rowdy game of Scrabble will do the trick.

So forget making everything perfect! Do you ever hear people say they went to a “perfect” party last weekend? No.  Aim for Great! Aim for Fun! Chinese food on paper plates might be the best party you ever had.  Take that Martha Stewart.

Live well, and love well.