A Wedding Reception That’s Just Desserts? Yes, Please!

A Dessert Party is a wonderful idea for an event whether it’s a shower, engagement or even a small wedding. (believe it or not, you don’t need sea bass or prime rib to have a great reception!)  A well styled buffet of elegant desserts can be a showstopper. You can go the DIY route, or find a local bakery (like Palm Springs’ own Pastry Swan) to take over. Either way, vary up your offerings – cakes, petits-fours, home-made cookies,


Petits Fours Français : Petits fours עברית: פט...

Live well, and love well



Psssst…don’t look now, but Valentine’s Day is coming. Start thinking creatively!

That’s right, Valentine’s Day is on its way! Have you thought about your plans for romance? That’s step one- think in advance.  Nothing’s worse than trying to impress your sweetie on short notice.  So now’s the time to start tossing that idea salad in your head.  Dinner at home? Romantic drive to a stargazing spot? Think about your loved one and what fits his or her style.  If he’s a pajamas and ice cream on the sofa kind of guy, a fancy 6 course chef’s tasting menu at Chez Fou-Fou might not be your best investment.  If she hates Valentine’s Day hoopla, skip the hearts-and-cupids type stuff but have a fun activity she loves lined up.  See how that works?  Now get those wheels turning in your creative, unique heads!

Be well, and love well.


Valentine's is more than red, white, hearts and cupids. Don't run with the crowd, think creatively to impress your Valentine!
Valentine’s is more than red, white, hearts and cupids. Don’t run with the crowd, think creatively to impress your Valentine!

My Little Recipe Shop: I paid a bartender in Puerto Rico big bucks for this one

Cocktail Pink Lady
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OK, I lied. This recipe doesn’t come from Puerto Rico. It comes from the kitchen of a small apartment in LA occupied by a mixologist of great skill. There’s a pool, and palm trees, it’s tropical enough for our purposes. He learned this one from friends in Raleigh, NC with whom he hopes to vacation in Puerto Rico someday.

Vacation Lemonade

1 pitcher crystal light pink lemonade, prepared.

1-2 trays pineapple juice ice cubes

Malibu Rum

drink umbrellas – awesome but optional.

Fill a double old fashioned glass with pink lemonade.  Drop in 3-4 ice cubes, and add rum to taste. Add umbrella at a jaunty angle. Drink. Repeat.

Depending on glassware and presentation, these can go from the beach to the ballroom.  A perfect signature cocktail for a wedding, or for a lazy day by the pool.

Anybody see my beach towel? Or my drink umbrella?