My Little Recipe Shop: I paid a bartender in Puerto Rico big bucks for this one

Cocktail Pink Lady
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OK, I lied. This recipe doesn’t come from Puerto Rico. It comes from the kitchen of a small apartment in LA occupied by a mixologist of great skill. There’s a pool, and palm trees, it’s tropical enough for our purposes. He learned this one from friends in Raleigh, NC with whom he hopes to vacation in Puerto Rico someday.

Vacation Lemonade

1 pitcher crystal light pink lemonade, prepared.

1-2 trays pineapple juice ice cubes

Malibu Rum

drink umbrellas – awesome but optional.

Fill a double old fashioned glass with pink lemonade.  Drop in 3-4 ice cubes, and add rum to taste. Add umbrella at a jaunty angle. Drink. Repeat.

Depending on glassware and presentation, these can go from the beach to the ballroom.  A perfect signature cocktail for a wedding, or for a lazy day by the pool.

Anybody see my beach towel? Or my drink umbrella?