Go to the Head of the Class – The Country’s Classiest Event Inspiration

There is no place that has classier events than the Obama White House.  The Duchess of Cambridge is sure to catch up sooner or later as an entertaining powerhouse. Being future queen of England, and a past event planner she’s uniquely qualified to surpass even Jacqueline Kennedy in the realm of entertaining world leaders.  But for the moment, she’s busy training her puppy not to eat trash, so the Obamas will have to carry the mantle.

While they do, official White House photographers are taking luscious photos of all the details.  You can catch great shots of state dinners, individually plated dishes, and other social and foodie events on the official WH blog:


The White House website also has photo galleries full of state dinners, receptions and luncheons that inspire.

So go on, class it up!

The Hon. Barack Obama and Michelle Obama
The Hon. Barack Obama and Michelle Obama (Photo credit: AN HONORABLE GERMAN)
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