Breaking News! Kate Middleton is Not Having Twins In July!

I gotta say, I’ve never imagined myself saying this, but I am really grateful that I am not the Princess of Wales. I can’t imagine my due date being worldwide breaking news.  I think that young newlyweds are under enough pressure as it is without throwing the international media into the mix.

Prince Harry and Kate Middleton at the Garter ...
Prince Harry and Kate Middleton at the Garter Procession (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

And that’s where I’m going with this, to hope I can talk people into tacking on one extra new year’s resolution for 2013, namely to leave the newlyweds in your lives alone about their baby plans.  In American culture, as soon as the last grain of rice hits the ground it’s the next topic of conversation.  When will they start a family? When will there be grandchildren? And when the newlyweds show up anywhere, they face an inevitable barrage of questions.  And frankly, when (and whether) to have children is a serious, intimate decision that they may not want to share at Easter dinner.  It can be terribly uncomfortable.

So think twice about your questions when your favorite couple returns from their honeymoon, and avoid the whole baby thing. Suggestions: ask them about their trip, ask them about the wedding.  Ask them if they know Kate Middleton is not having twins in July!

Be well, and love well.


What Makes A Bride Feel Like A Bride? Her Bouquet.

All brides’ bouquets are very important to the way they feel on their wedding day, but none so much as the women we meet who are here in Palm Springs to elope or have tiny family weddings.  The bouquet is central in making that bride feel no less important than Kate Middleton taking her vows in front of the entire world.  This inspiration board we’re sharing is from an elopement at The Lucy House here in Palm Springs. The bride, in an adorable cocktail style dress, was definitely in love with her bouquet. Oh yeah – and the groom too.  Enjoy.  Photography by Debi Parker.


Go to the Head of the Class – The Country’s Classiest Event Inspiration

There is no place that has classier events than the Obama White House.  The Duchess of Cambridge is sure to catch up sooner or later as an entertaining powerhouse. Being future queen of England, and a past event planner she’s uniquely qualified to surpass even Jacqueline Kennedy in the realm of entertaining world leaders.  But for the moment, she’s busy training her puppy not to eat trash, so the Obamas will have to carry the mantle.

While they do, official White House photographers are taking luscious photos of all the details.  You can catch great shots of state dinners, individually plated dishes, and other social and foodie events on the official WH blog:

The White House website also has photo galleries full of state dinners, receptions and luncheons that inspire.

So go on, class it up!

The Hon. Barack Obama and Michelle Obama
The Hon. Barack Obama and Michelle Obama (Photo credit: AN HONORABLE GERMAN)
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