Don’t Follow The Wedding Planning Crowd! Advice from A Palm Springs Florist

Brides look at the internet for inspiration. It’s out there for sure, but does the web also make you doubt yourself? Top ten lists, perfect photo shoots, it can be very overwhelming. But the thing that drives me batty is the emphasis on trends.  We seem obsessed with finding out what the “look” of the moment is, or what’s the latest greatest hottest dress, favor, appetizer, you name it.  But I want to get across something that, as a Palm Springs florist, is very important to us.  Follow your own vision.  In Palm Springs, wedding vendors want our brides to feel like they’ve gotten what they wanted all their lives.  It pains me to think of friends who’ve gotten married and their wedding florist has forced them into trying some “hot” new look that they are then stuck with in their wedding photos for the rest of their lives. So here’s the bottom line:


A simple centerpiece from Palm Springs Florist My Little Flower Shop
We love this arrangement in a mason jar. Are they in? Are they out? We don’t care! Photo by Alan’s Award Winning Photography

Amazing Ceremony Decor Idea – Artists Are Full Of ‘Em!

This image, from the photostream of fiber artist Odile Gova, is a phenomenal idea for a ceremony site full of trees.  Labor intesive to be sure, wrapping trees in lace would be no picnic. But the greater point here is the non-traditional source of the idea.  I found the image on Pinterest – but nowhere near the “weddings/events” category.  My point – event design is an art – so why not follow the lead of visual artists? Cast your net beyond Mindy Weiss and Martha Stewart.  Think outside the Tiffany & Co. box, people!

Lace covered tree

Some artistic folks/blogs to keep an eye on.

Grace Bonney of Design Sponge

Merche Grossomodo – Architect/textile designer/tastemaker in Madrid

Jessica Colaluca – amazing eye for color in the world – and pulling palettes to match.


Live well, love well, and BE CREATIVE!


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I’m not a Revolutionary War era bride, but I played one at a re-enactment.

funny wedding photos - Their Love Was Revolutionary
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Talk about a theme wedding…phew!  This apparently was a couple who met at Revolutionary War reenactment events.  They had their regular wedding, and then they, um, reenacted it at the reenactment.

So the question is, where is the line between, “oh I loved the touches that made things feel French” and “I am forever scarred: The Sound of Music played and she worked the whole nun-to-bride arc into her walk down the aisle, expecting us to yodel.”

The answer is: Less Is More. if at any point you say to yourself or your little sister “is this too much?” then it probably is.

In a wonderful charming movie we love, L.A. Story, MariLu Henner’s character, a corporate gift specialist, offers this style tip if you feel something’s hinky with an outfit.  Stand with your back to the mirror, and turn around quickly. The first accessory or item that catches your eye is the one you should take off.  Nine times out of ten, you’ll mutter “I knew that,” and take it off.

The point of the story is, you already know what’s right for your celebration.  You already know what’s too much , like the re-enactors, who cleverly had their modern era wedding for the friends who would be forever scarred by all the tri-cornered hats, and then reenacted with their reenactment buddies.  What a wonderful thing: planning sensitive to all involved, and that met the desires of the bride and groom.  Why it’s practically… revolutionary.