I’m not a Revolutionary War era bride, but I played one at a re-enactment.

funny wedding photos - Their Love Was Revolutionary
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Talk about a theme wedding…phew!  This apparently was a couple who met at Revolutionary War reenactment events.  They had their regular wedding, and then they, um, reenacted it at the reenactment.

So the question is, where is the line between, “oh I loved the touches that made things feel French” and “I am forever scarred: The Sound of Music played and she worked the whole nun-to-bride arc into her walk down the aisle, expecting us to yodel.”

The answer is: Less Is More. if at any point you say to yourself or your little sister “is this too much?” then it probably is.

In a wonderful charming movie we love, L.A. Story, MariLu Henner’s character, a corporate gift specialist, offers this style tip if you feel something’s hinky with an outfit.  Stand with your back to the mirror, and turn around quickly. The first accessory or item that catches your eye is the one you should take off.  Nine times out of ten, you’ll mutter “I knew that,” and take it off.

The point of the story is, you already know what’s right for your celebration.  You already know what’s too much , like the re-enactors, who cleverly had their modern era wedding for the friends who would be forever scarred by all the tri-cornered hats, and then reenacted with their reenactment buddies.  What a wonderful thing: planning sensitive to all involved, and that met the desires of the bride and groom.  Why it’s practically… revolutionary.