The Not So Accidental Tourist

My Little Flower Shop LOVES tourists.  We rejoice when we see families consulting maps, large groups of people wearing matching visors, or most importantly, a “tourist” bride coming to have her destination wedding in Palm Springs.  We are also big advocates of being unashamed of tourist-y behavior while travelling.  See the sights! Take pictures! Consult your maps!

So this summer, why not be a tourist at home? I’ll bet you dollars to donuts there are attractions or historic sites nearby that you either have never seen, or not visited in 10+ years.  Goodness knows here in Southern California it would take a lifetime to do all the possible day trips.

One of our beautiful brides, Stephanie Orson, at her wedding venue /local sight to see: the lavender fields. (Highland Springs Resort, photo by Alan Gough)

Even if you can’t leave your city, town or neighborhood, investigate a little.  Find the tourist office for your city, and see what the “highlights” are.  You’ll be surprised what you’ve been missing all these years.  Architectural gems,  birthplaces of interesting people…there’s a lot out there.

What are you waiting for? Dust off your matching visors and head out on a homegrown adventure.

Live well, and love well.


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Palm Springs and Palm Desert shopping: Five top clothing and accessory stores –

Palm Springs and Palm Desert shopping: Five top clothing and accessory stores –

I love the love the LA Times is giving our Uptown Design District shopping scene!  You can find our store in between Route 66 West and Wil Stiles – 664 N. Palm Canyon Dr.

Come shop, and stop in to say hi!

Thanks to RJ Taylor for this beautiful morning shot of Uptown Palm Springs. See more from RJ at

The Uptown Design District: home of high design, and My Little Flower Shop!
Beautiful Uptown Design District - photo by RJ Taylor