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Feeling the Authentic Post V-Day LOVE!

Is it weird to feel the love strongest after Valentine’s Day? Not for a floral design company. We’re authentic romance enthusiasts. It’s a rush running all over town delivering happiness in solid form to people.  And on Valentine’s Day it’s overwhelming – too fast, too furious and all goes by in a blink.  So the … Read moreFeeling the Authentic Post V-Day LOVE!

Cupid’s Come A Knockin’, Go Open The Door!

Well, it’s that time of year again.  Valentine’s Day. The terrible romantic comedies are on their way to the theaters (Reese Witherspoon being fought over by two CIA agents? Really)? And the jewelry stores ads for heart shaped pendants are in heavy rotation.  But you haven’t noticed.  Who’s watching TV? Or going to he movies? … Read moreCupid’s Come A Knockin’, Go Open The Door!