Feeling the Authentic Post V-Day LOVE!

Is it weird to feel the love strongest after Valentine’s Day? Not for a floral design company. We’re authentic romance enthusiasts.

It’s a rush running all over town delivering happiness in solid form to people.  And on Valentine’s Day it’s overwhelming – too fast, too furious and all goes by in a blink.  So the day after “the day,” it finally comes washing back over you quite how much of an effect you had on people’s day, romances and relationships in that 18 hours of sheer madness. And it feels really good.

I often comment about how lucky we are to work around beauty and love all day long.  And that’s meant literally – the beauty of flowers, and the glow of engaged couples is intoxicating.  It’s hard not to be happy helping brides to be pick out ways to make their weddings beautiful.  But there’s something so pure about delivering Valentine’s flowers to a girl who doesn’t think they are for her, or watching a couple married 30 years turn to teenagers over a bouquet of red roses.  Secret admirers, mothers to sons, there’s just something special about that Valentine love.  So pardon us if we’re still reveling in it. We’re suckers for romance, it kind of comes with the territory.  We’d better be, or we couldn’t be in this wacky, crazy business, or at least we wouldn’t be very good at it.

Authenticity makes the difference whether you’re running for president, or if you’re running all over town with a van full of Valentine’s flowers. We are who we are, and that makes our business what it is, and our events (particularly weddings) what they are.  Us? Happy and grateful.  Our business? On a terrific roll.  Our weddings?  Beautiful, and authentically romantic.

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