Diamonds Are A…Guy’s Best Friend? Would you propose to your fella with a “Man-gagement Ring?” Take The Poll!

Diamond Ring
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Paid Marriage Proposal Planning – Do You Want Your Sweetie Bringing In a Pro to Create The Big Moment? Take Our Poll!

Greg saw a piece recently in an industry journal about wedding planners with “side businesses.”

This woman calls herself a “proposal planner.”  Brides, how would you feel about a proposal-for-hire? Is it exactly what your man needs to pull off the proposal-to-end-all-proposals? Or is part of the charm for you knowing that the whole thing came from your sweetie’s own mind?  Read the blurb, and take our poll!

Sarah Pease, Brilliant Event Planning

The inspiration for her marriage-proposal business—The Proposal Planner from Brilliant Event Planning—came from a story she heard from “a friend of a friend,” explains Sarah Pease. The would-be groom wanted to incorporate his beloved’s favorite food—fried chicken–into his wedding proposal. So, “He decided that the very best way to pop the question was to put a ring at the bottom of a bucket of chicken!”

The New York-based wedding planner knew “there had to be a better way,” and in 2008 launched her proposal business. She does not consider it a sideline: “Depending on the time of year, I may be spending the majority of my time planning marriage proposals over any other type of event,” she says. “Since high proposal season is November through February, it’s a great balance to the busy wedding months of spring and summer.”

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Who said romance was dead?
What looks like a self-made proposal - and look at the glow on his face. Awww.
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When the Holiday Surprise is that you got engaged!

Seeing old friends is a fun part of going home for the holidays. If you just got engaged, it’s doubly true, because you can share your joy with friends and family back in your home town.  If you and your fiancé can manage to zip your lips, this festive season is perfect for a surprise announcement at a family party, or at a favorite watering hole full of college buddies. So cover up that ring, bite your tongue and head on home.  As far as you’re concerned the only surprise at your holiday dinner will be what’s in Aunt Estelle’s casserole.

Travel safely everyone!


ps- if you know your mom, or best friend will be crushed to not have been in on the surprise, unzip your lip and make them swear not to ruin your big reveal. They’ll be honored to be ‘first’ to know.