When the Holiday Surprise is that you got engaged!

Seeing old friends is a fun part of going home for the holidays. If you just got engaged, it’s doubly true, because you can share your joy with friends and family back in your home town.  If you and your fiancé can manage to zip your lips, this festive season is perfect for a surprise announcement at a family party, or at a favorite watering hole full of college buddies. So cover up that ring, bite your tongue and head on home.  As far as you’re concerned the only surprise at your holiday dinner will be what’s in Aunt Estelle’s casserole.

Travel safely everyone!


ps- if you know your mom, or best friend will be crushed to not have been in on the surprise, unzip your lip and make them swear not to ruin your big reveal. They’ll be honored to be ‘first’ to know.