When your inner neurotic lady voice chimes in, listen up, brides.

Tre personer som åker långfärdsskridsko
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The holidays are full of fun outdoor activities like skiing, sledding and ice skating. I went ice skating with my brother and my husband this week, and I fell  rather hard, resulting in four rib fractures.

We all have those voices in our heads that help us make decisions.  Red strapless gown to the office holiday party? Your inner neurotic lady would whisper that might not be appropriate (your inner Mae West might have a thing or two to say but that’s a whole ‘nother basket of petals).

Imagine if the skating had been a fun wedding weekend activity.  I’d hate to be squeezing fractured ribs into a wedding gown. So be careful in your planning for the fun celebrations. Listen to your inner neurotic lady – she’s got your best interests (and the safety of all your ribs) at heart.

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