What’s a wedding for, anyway? These two have an interesting answer, bless their hearts.

Congratulations To David Friedlander and Jacqueline Schmidt.

I admit it, I had a hard time processing this article about their wedding from today’s New York Times. I knew there were people in Brooklyn opening restaurants that only serve popovers, and shopping in artisanal hardware stores. But I was unaware that this particular strain of children of the free range, organic, unprocessed corn, had begun to infuse weddings with their intense navel gazing. And apparently, these two believed their wedding to be the ultimate chance to say, “Hey, world! Look at our navels!”

In all sincerity, I wish the Friedlander-Schmidt duo a great deal of happiness, love and a blissful newlywed year. But guys, when you let a New York Times reporter gaze at your navel, all we saw was overpriced lint.