Gerbera Daisy Crazy! Centerpiece, Bouquet, Invite Daisies To Your Wedding!

Wedding magazines are full of breathtakingly beautiful flower arrangement photos. Bouquets good enough to eat. And they are, actually. Though stunning, for the price of one of those arrangements, you could feed a family of five for a week.

The magazines sometimes just aren’t in touch with reality when it comes to the fact that there are brides on budgets out there.  And while the trend of all baby’s breath arrangements is very “couture” in the eye of some beholders, it causes allergic sneezing in the noses of others. Besides, there’s no color there whatsoever. What’s a bride to do for centerpieces?

Enter the Gerbera Daisy.  Also known as the Gerber Daisy, these sweet and bright flowers exude sunshine. They come in a wide range of colors, and are reasonably priced.  Don’t be fooled by a florist who tells you they are too casual, Gerberas can be as elegant as you want them to be. Uses abound! The heads are sculptural, and look great in floating centerpieces with candles. The stems are sturdy so they can stand tall. They line up like little soldiers, or can be shaped into soft groupings. All sorts of options for wonderful wedding centerpieces with Gerber daisies.

So get to it! Go crazy with Daisies!


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Booking a Wedding A Day For A Week Straight? GOOOAAAAAAAAL! We’re kicking butt!

Like they say in World Cup soccer, GOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAL! We are meeting goals all over the place!

  • We booked a wedding a day for a week straight…loving it!  Thanks to all the wonderful new brides in the My Little Flower Shop family!
  • We hit 10,000+ visitors to the website.  Look out…
  • We have the best customers in Palm Springs!!!! Well – that’s always been true.  It’s our goal to keep you all happy! Here’s to meeting goals!

Love to all our brides, friends and fans.

-My Little Flower Shop

A Classic My Little Flower Shop Bridal Bouquet with green roses, orchids, hydrangea and succulents
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Flowy Robes, Funny Hats and a touch of Hawaii. Congratulations Class of 2011!

Dum dum da dum. We normally hum the Wedding March in June. But there are some youths in flowy robes and funny hats, and parents of those youths, humming a different little ditty. It’s more like Duuum dum da da duuum.duuuum. Get it? Pomp and Circumstance, people! AKA “the graduation song”  And don’t even try to say that you don’t get a little chill when it starts to play and smiling kids in caps and gowns start filling up bleachers. It’s an emotional moment, even when they aren’t your progeny.
Florally, we’ve been celebrating the Class of 2011 for a few months.  There have been beautiful presentation bouquets at senior recitals, and final track meets, and then of course the corsages and boutonnieres of Prom. Now it’s time for graduation leis, often made of bright flowers such as dendrobium orchids.  Use of these beautiful accents to a graduation outfit began at schools in Hawaii as an honor for the graduate given by his or her family.  These days you can find them at schools all over the country, in school colors, themed around extracurricular activities, or designed with the favorite blooms of that particular graduate.  Regardless of style, they are beautiful and add as splash of color to any graduation ceremony.  The added bonus? You can tell which kid is yours at a distance!  Helps for knowing when to run up for that close-up of the big diploma hand-off.  Congratulations to everyone graduating this Spring – and to all the proud parents. Smile for the camera, and show off your gorgeous lei!
We’re doing a “deal of the [Graduation] day” special on leis for the duration of graduation season. Give us a call, or click through to get in touch. (760)778 7111  or (855)500-7111