Simply The Best! Best of the Best, That Is! Thank You To All Who Voted!

My Little Flower Shop is very proud to have been named “Best of The Best” florist by the voters in Palm Springs Life’s annual survey. (It happened a few weeks ago, but we haven’t had a chance to brag on the blog yet)!

We are so grateful to all of our customers, supporters, friends, families, employees…everyone who logged on and clicked to vote.  We love being here in The Valley and this is just amazing.  Thank you everyone!

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Woo Hoo! The people have spoken…thanks to everyone who voted!



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Gerbera Daisy Crazy! Centerpiece, Bouquet, Invite Daisies To Your Wedding!

Wedding magazines are full of breathtakingly beautiful flower arrangement photos. Bouquets good enough to eat. And they are, actually. Though stunning, for the price of one of those arrangements, you could feed a family of five for a week.

The magazines sometimes just aren’t in touch with reality when it comes to the fact that there are brides on budgets out there.  And while the trend of all baby’s breath arrangements is very “couture” in the eye of some beholders, it causes allergic sneezing in the noses of others. Besides, there’s no color there whatsoever. What’s a bride to do for centerpieces?

Enter the Gerbera Daisy.  Also known as the Gerber Daisy, these sweet and bright flowers exude sunshine. They come in a wide range of colors, and are reasonably priced.  Don’t be fooled by a florist who tells you they are too casual, Gerberas can be as elegant as you want them to be. Uses abound! The heads are sculptural, and look great in floating centerpieces with candles. The stems are sturdy so they can stand tall. They line up like little soldiers, or can be shaped into soft groupings. All sorts of options for wonderful wedding centerpieces with Gerber daisies.

So get to it! Go crazy with Daisies!


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Weddings are beautiful in Palm Springs Life! P. 25 caught the bouquet…

Bells are ringing for the Weddings issue of Palm Springs Life! Our ad is gorgeous (if we may say so ourselves and, well, we just did).  A huge ‘Thank-You’ to Gracie De La Paz, Emma Reyna and Linda Flores for their help.  We’re also grateful to our bride and groom for use of their wedding photo, and to Cheryl MacPherson of Pure Image Photography, the talented artist behind the lens.  Content-wise, a Chuppah of ours is pictured in a photo collage – very exciting. Check out the photos below. You can see a digital version of the whole Weddings issue online at the PSL’s Weddings Section.  We’ll be seeing real live weddings tomorrow and Sunday at the Corona Yacht Club and Villa Royale. Have roses, will travel.

Our Glam New Ad
What a chuppah...I could just plotz!