Get ready for your Engagement Shoot!

The “engagement shoot” has become a common activity among engaged couples. Many wind up missing the romantic fun that develops as you shoot by being overly focused on posing for posterity. Here are some tips to stay in the moment .THOMAS-65

  • Be less Pinterested: Too much time looking at other people’s photos can stress you out, and create tension as you try and match “looks” at your own shoot.
  • Make it a playdate: When on location, have fun with that goofy romping around for the camera!* This is fun, uninterrupted almost-alone time with your almost spouse. Relish it.
  • Get metaphysical: The morning of your engagement shoot think about the journey that brought you there. A series of events, decisions, and thunderstorms lined up so you could end up in front of a camera with the love of your life. Pretty amazing.

So you’re ready now, to live in this moment.  Think less Naomi Campbell, and more the best person you can be. That’s who that person you’re holding hands with loves.

Be well, and love well.


 *If you’re not doing any goofy romping around, get on that. It makes for great photos 


My Little Marital Bliss Shop: Keep your fiancé from playing the ponies

Brides, soon to be Wives? A lesson in Groom, about to be Husband-handling. Let him ride the big horse.  And let him think it was his idea to go riding in the first place.

Very funny right?  But deep down – the after school special message on this one is share your life with the one you love! One of you is not above the other.  Unless you’re sleeping in bunkbeds.  But that’s a whole ‘nother Oprah.

Have a good weekend! Those of you in LA – bless your hearts- stay off the road!

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We love happy grooms

Cute! Awesome photo.  Had to share.

  funny wedding photos - groom - *Click*

 Note: Although they are really funny when they mock people, the Wedinator section of the cheezburger empire has some heart. After all, they are responsible for The Daily Squee – a daily dose of the cutest animal photos online. Check it out for more awwwww….

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