Who Walks The Bride Down The Aisle? You Get To Pick!

Father’s Day brings walking down the aisle to a wedding planner’s mind. But some brides want a non-traditional ceremony entrance. Here are three suggestions for anyone who is looking for aisle traveling companions for their wedding:

  • Your Mom. She’s been there from the very beginning, loves you like crazy, and will be thrilled to be asked.
  • Your 2nd Favorite Man. Ranked just below the ring-bearing hunk, chances are there’s an uncle, cousin or best friend in your life that you’d love to have with you on that special stroll.
  • Your fabulous self! Trust us- you’re going to be radiant, and perfectly capable of coming down that aisle


In the Jewish tradition, both parents walk the bride down the aisle.  Photo by Super 8 Girl
In the Jewish tradition, both parents walk down the aisle. Photo by Super 8 Girl

We love happy grooms

Cute! Awesome photo.  Had to share.

  funny wedding photos - groom - *Click*

 Note: Although they are really funny when they mock people, the Wedinator section of the cheezburger empire has some heart. After all, they are responsible for The Daily Squee – a daily dose of the cutest animal photos online. Check it out for more awwwww….

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Keepin’ it Real with our homegrown Princess Brides

You know what beats pictures of Royal Weddings?  Real Weddings.  Real Weddings in Palm Springs? Even better. My Little Flower Shop’s weddings, of course, rock the casbah. (oooh..Moroccan themed desert wedding…somebody write that down)!

Once again, thanks to Mellany Miller Photography for the amazing images.  Attention brides: notice how the placement and style of the flowers accents the location and vice-versa.  More on this in a later post.  But for now, enjoy these beautiful photos.