My Little Wedding Planning Shop: Easy as A B C, 1 2 3!

So is this a post advising you to play the Jackson 5 at your reception? No (although we do – because both ‘ABC’ and ‘I Want You Back’ are guaranteed floor fillers). This is a post about how you can make planning your wedding easier, easy as 1, 2, 3.

What with all there is to plan, do, choose, count, smell, tast, print, view and try on, a person could go crazy. How do you rein this in? We call it The Rule Of Three.

Think about all the main elements that will create your wedding experience, and pick the three that are most important to you.

To get your juices flowing, see the list in our poll at the end of this post (and weigh in while you’re at it!)

Got your 3? Good. Now comes the brave part – you’ve got to let the other pieces be less important. You don’t have to let them go completely, but delegate some things.

You can tell two of this bride's top three priorities were flowers and photography!


  • Let your man research bakeries – go along for the fun part-tasting!
  • Have Mom screen Flower Girl dresses online – you don’t need to see every red sash in existence.
  • Send your bridesmaids a color and the link to Wtoo, and set them free.

You ( rule of three choices: 1. dress, 2. photos

  • discover a brilliant local dressmaker to make a gorgeous gown under budget, and throw in a matching veil for her new favorite client.
  • See photograpers in person to check the personality “fit” and do an engagement shoot.
  • Bond with the floral designer, and brainstorm drop dead beautiful decor beyond your imagination.

Trying to wrangle everything with invitation samples coming out your ears and DJ playlists on your blackberry, you’d truly want to elope. Try the rule of three and see how you do. Remember: one fabulous element makes the whole wedding fabulous both now, and in the memories of everyone who attends.

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Going the Distance: Marathon prep wisdom for your Wedding Day

Brides Running On The Beach
Image by Joe Shlabotnik via Flickr

How can 26.2 miles help with going down the aisle? Well, like wedding planning, training for a marathon starts months in advance. Wise runners are methodical and have some simple race day routines that, if followed, can ease the minds (and feet, and nerves..) of brides.  We’ve picked out some winners:

  • Get a good night’s rest before the big day.  Runners know that if you don’t go to sleep at a decent hour, your energy won’t hold out the whole race.  Make sure you don’t stay out too late at the rehearsal dinner, or hanging with your girls.
  • Eat breakfast.  Runners eat light, and early so as to digest, but food=fuel=crucial.  As for brides, eat small snacks throughout the day and hydrate.  The last thing you need is a headache or a fainting spell.
  •   Test all your gear, and don’t try anything new.  Marathoners stick to what they know – even new sunscreen on race day is a no-no.  Brides should follow suit – shoes should be ‘broken in’ and make-up tested for allergic reactions.  The hairstyle should have a trial run.  Let your motto be “No surprises.”
  • Comfortable, well-fitting shoes are non-negotiable.  You just can’t run 26.2 miles in uncomfortable shoes.  You shouldn’t get married in them either. Don’t make blisters your most vivid wedding memory.  Pretty and comfortable are not mutually exclusive
  • Breathe, stand up straight and enjoy your moment. Marathoners have always followed what we give as our essential bridal advice.   So keep your eye on the finish line!  Born to run, baby!