Going the Distance: Marathon prep wisdom for your Wedding Day

Brides Running On The Beach
Image by Joe Shlabotnik via Flickr

How can 26.2 miles help with going down the aisle? Well, like wedding planning, training for a marathon starts months in advance. Wise runners are methodical and have some simple race day routines that, if followed, can ease the minds (and feet, and nerves..) of brides.  We’ve picked out some winners:

  • Get a good night’s rest before the big day.  Runners know that if you don’t go to sleep at a decent hour, your energy won’t hold out the whole race.  Make sure you don’t stay out too late at the rehearsal dinner, or hanging with your girls.
  • Eat breakfast.  Runners eat light, and early so as to digest, but food=fuel=crucial.  As for brides, eat small snacks throughout the day and hydrate.  The last thing you need is a headache or a fainting spell.
  •   Test all your gear, and don’t try anything new.  Marathoners stick to what they know – even new sunscreen on race day is a no-no.  Brides should follow suit – shoes should be ‘broken in’ and make-up tested for allergic reactions.  The hairstyle should have a trial run.  Let your motto be “No surprises.”
  • Comfortable, well-fitting shoes are non-negotiable.  You just can’t run 26.2 miles in uncomfortable shoes.  You shouldn’t get married in them either. Don’t make blisters your most vivid wedding memory.  Pretty and comfortable are not mutually exclusive
  • Breathe, stand up straight and enjoy your moment. Marathoners have always followed what we give as our essential bridal advice.   So keep your eye on the finish line!  Born to run, baby!