My Little Wedding Tips: Bridesmaid Bulletin – A Happy Bride Isn’t Hungry

We’ve been tweeting a little today about snacks for the big day – essential to achieving bright eyes and that big smile down the aisle and beyond.  While we encourage Brides to plan ahead, we also advise maids to consider keeping the bride supplied with appropriate light munchies one of your wedding day duties, right up there with your classic  bridal emergency kit with aspirin/extra hose/clear nail know the drill. (one addition we recommend that we don’t see on all the normal lists: white duct tape. Does wonders in dress situations).

Some snack thoughts.

DON’T GIVE THE BRIDE (for the sake of the dress and all that is holy)

  • Anything that makes you feel like you need to wipe your hands off afterwards
  • Anything that drips, melts, or oozes (definitely no chocolate)!
  • Anything too strong tasting (spicy, garlicky, etc)
  • Anything she hates/might be allergic to.  Check with her in advance!
  • Dry, unsalted nuts such as almonds or walnuts.


    • A planned time for a small sandwich or salad with chopped egg BEFORE the dress/makeup go on.
    • Lots of water – and straws for sipping without disturbing make-up/hair
    • healthy, portable, small serving snacks: baby carrots, almonds, string cheese.  Nature Valley granola bars are great too. No fancy flavors – just the plain ones.

Healthy snack

Last, we know that some in some families and some cultures there is a toast or drink before the ceremony.  We encourage brides and their maids to sip, and wait until after the formalities to celebrate.  Be present for this moment – it’s a big one.

Snack on, everyone!

Nice day for a white wedding? Victorian Fashion Slaves vs. those who tell the Queen to Kiss It

Whatever happened to Billy Idol’s little sister, anyway?  Well, he voiced his opinions, but in the end, whether or not she wore white was entirely up to her.  Historically, white does symbolize purity.  So that’s why the Pope wears it.  But brides? That’s all Queen Victoria’s fault.  Prior to Victoria’s wedding to Albert, one simply wore one’s best dress down the aisle.  And everybody wore their dresses again. She was the first high profile bride to wear white.  So technically, every major designer, and 99.9% of brides are following Victorian bridal fashion trends rather than 2011 bridal fashion trends. Now purity is no longer signaled by your gown, and some gals just like a little color.  Reese Witherspoon was recently married in a pink dress (although IMHO, it was a little matchy-matchy with her skin tone for my taste, and her flowers seemed to match her hair…but we’ll deal with that another day).  There are women who decide to get married in orange, or deep purple, or whatever color makes them happy. What color flowers do we recommend when brides go rogue and tell Queen Victoria that her era is SO over? There’s nothing like a colorful dress to inspire great work.  Anything goes really – the color the adventurous gal chooses opens a thousand doors.  We generally advise though, (sorry Reese, you got steered astray) that you don’t match your bouquet to your hair.

Oh and by the way? Victoria had her dress restyled so she could get some more use out of it.  Now THAT’S a trend we could all get behind – especially on Earth Day.  Reduce, Re-use, Recycle your wedding gown!

Fashion and Flowers: A perfect Match

We were brushing up on our bridal fashion when we stumbled across this dress on (a super wedding blog). The simple elegance reminded us of our recent arrangement for a Fashion Week event, so we had to post it!  It’s Carolina Herrera, and as they wisely noted on WeddingBee, perfect for a chic city-hall bride. We’ll add that it’s just as perfect for a cool destination bride  – this is a Palm Springs dress if we ever saw one. Plus, we’ve already worked out the bouquet (imagine something based on the below with black ribbon…gorgeous), and envisioned an entire beautiful black-and-white themed decor scheme, um…hello…someone should take advantage of all our hard work!  Enjoy Fashion Week everybody.  Work that runway, girls!


And here’s the arrangement: