New Wedding Show? Get Me Some Popcorn! Especially since my friend is in it!

I wrote Friday about my brilliant hairstylist, Paul Norton.  Well, he’s on a new bridal make-over show debuting in a few weeks on TLC!  It stars Randy, the colorful manager of Kleinfeld’s from “Say Yes To The Dress, and of course, Paul.  Check it out!

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You Must Remember This…Ingrid Bergman’s Casablanca Style Only Gets Classier As Time Goes By

Brides would do well to remember this look, as they wait for that end-of ceremony moment that is definitely more than just a kiss. Ingrid Bergman’s elegant upsweep and simple fresh-faced make-up would be perfect for any wedding. And if you’ll always have Paris as a honeymoon spot? All the better.

Thanks to the brilliant and beautiful Kelli Marshall for finding a perfect photo, and inspiring minds with her MediAcademia blog.

All she needs is a veil!

Be well, and love well!



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