Being the ‘Loud and Obnoxious’ Person and Not Knowing It

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Over at Mom vs. Career, we found a blogger with admirable self awareness. Don’t you wish certain guests at your events had this ‘lightbulb moment’ before picking up their escort cards?

Planners, what are your best tips for wrangling the L&O guest?

Being the ‘Loud and Obnoxious’ Person and Not Knowing It August 24, 2011

So, I think I’m ‘that girl.’ The one who is loud and obnoxious. I noticed this during a meeting yesterday. I laughed a lot and loudly. My voice raised in volume while I was telling a story. I over-exaggerated with my inflection.The weird thing is that I don’t do that all the time. It’s usually only when I feel comfortable with certain groups of people. I guess that’s good, but I wonder how those groups of people view me when I am loud and obnoxious?I’ve never asked anyone. I just had this mini-revelation yesterday, so I haven’t had a chance to take a survey. Up to this point, it’s not something I’ve been able to control. It comes out naturally in certain settings. Maybe I should be thankful that I feel so comfortable with certain people. However, I wonder if sometimes I go too far.”

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My Little Relationships Shop: Friends Help Friends Find Love

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As a newly engaged person, people will want help finding love’s golden ticket. You’ll need tips for those who ask, “How did you do it? How do I find someone?”  Here are our best 5.  Your most stubborn friends may actually listen for once – that’s the power of the ring.

1.  Get out of the house.  Your true love will not magically fall into your apartment. Get out in the world, and do things you enjoy. Check out “Meetup.Com.” In Palm Springs alone there are groups for bowling, swing dancing, and a “booze-n’books” club.  People watching at a café works too (provided you eventually engage with some of your watchees). Just say no to TiVo.

2.  Be open to all avenues. It’s a numbers game, so don’t write off the online sites because they’re non-traditional.  Ask around – chances are you know married couples who’ve met on e-harmony, and/or Jdate. Don’t want to pay? Check out the 100% free

3.  Don’t be so picky.  Relax on the “musts.” Does your new house have every single thing you dreamed of? No. Same goes for people. At worst, it’s an hour at Starbucks with a weirdo, with the silver lining of a great story to tell. At best, it’s lifelong happiness. Do you really want to leave that on the table because of your laundry list of requirements?

4. Say “yes.”  Make a practice of letting other people’s ideas work for you. Fix me up? Yes! Come camping for the weekend? Yes!  Learn to play the drums? Yes! The adage is “everything happens for a reason,” but really it starts by you choosing to let it happen. Do you want to fall in love? Yes!

5.  The Universal Three Foot Rule.  Let the universe know that you want to bring someone into your life.  Put it out there as a positive thought.  Then, tell everyone within three feet of you.  Everybody knows somebody – and somebody knows who’s holding your golden ticket.

Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend, and luck in love!

Do Tell! A Poll. For reals! With buttons, and counting and everything!

We posted this over yonder on Facebook, but inquiring minds really do want to know, and we are way proud of our technical ability to insert this poll, so we’re asking here too:

OK fans – a question for you. We blog about a lot of topics. Etiquette, advice, event design, flowers…what topics are interesting to you? What do you want to hear more about? And what are we missing? Please chime in!

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