The Wedding Movie of the Week! Classic Hollywood Musical – Funny Face

I’ve got the 1956 theater trailer below! How exciting! Audrey Hepburn outfitted by Givenchy in a movie set in Paris already is genius. Throw in Fred Astaire, amazing dance numbers* and the George Gershwin songs, and you have classic Hollywood musical magic.

Bon voyage! As they say in the trailer, you’re going to have a marvelous time!


*did you know Audrey Hepburn was a trained dancer before she started acting?

THE WEDDING MOVIE OF THE WEEK: 80s coming of age sleeper – Mystic Pizza

While not “about” a wedding, there is one in there, qualifying Mystic Pizza for our series. This coming-of-age story  is a delicious mix of comedy, pathos and something lacking in both wedding movies and non wedding movies lately: great characters.  Three feisty girls learning about life, love, and running a pizzeria, one well played by a pre-Pretty Woman Julia Roberts. Enjoy this little piece of the 80s.  Recommended pairing – a thin crust pie with pepperoni and onions.

If you landed here actually looking for pizza in Mystic? I’m a big proponent of the communities on Chowhound – try this thread.

Note: “Wedding Movie Wednesday” is now “The Wedding Movie Of The Week.”  The only people finding my movie recs were my mom (love u mom!) and a girl in Tuscaloosa named Wednesday.

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The Wedding Movie of the Week: Classic Screwball Comedy- The Philadelphia Story

Why do I love The Philadelphia Story? Truly, madly, deeply love this film? When you put Katherine Hepburn, Cary Grant and Jimmy Stewart in one movie about newspaper reporters sneaking in to a society wedding, you’ve already got an amazing thing going. Toss in a sarcastic little sister, various hidden agendas, and clever 1930s comedy repartee (perfectly timed) and the clouds part, the angels sing, and you’ll fall head over heels in love…with The Philadelphia Story.

The great wedding themed movie, The Philadelphia Story
The Philadelphia Story – a comedic gem to check out when your family is making you crazy with wedding planning!