Wedding Movie of the Week! Charming Family Drama – Monsoon Wedding

Holiday weekend give you a travel bug? The visual feast Monsoon Wedding is as close to a trip to India as you can get.  Enjoy the story of the build-up to a traditional Indian wedding with all the trappings (and drama)! Marigolds, Mehndi, and a beautiful score. With this one, you’ll wish you’d been invited.  Enjoy!

Monsoon Wedding
Fun, beautifully shot film! Definitely a must-see for any bride.

Wedding Movie Wednesday! 80s Teen Comedy – Sixteen Candles

Feeling irritated by your sisters? Sorority, soul or otherwise? Whether you’re the bride or the maid, a night with this classic 80s John Hughes comedy, will loosen everyone up. Have an 80’s themed sleep-over to screen Sixteen Candles: the perfect presentation of teen angst about boys, turning 16, and being a bridesmaid. And just you try not to melt a little, deep in your 14 year old heart, over Michael Schoeffling. (Good luck with that.)

Sixteen Candles

Wedding Movie Wednesday: Classic Family Film- I Remember Mama

Wedding planning can get stressful. You’ve got to take a break! How about escaping your own family dynamics

Yes, there's always something about weddings in spoilers...
Yes, there’s always something about weddings in these…no spoilers…

and peeking in on how much harder life used to be in the 1900s?  I Remember Mama is perfect for reminding you how much love you have in your heart for the people who also are driving you nuts about your wedding plans. Invite Mom over!

Happy viewing.

Be well and love well.


PS – wedding vendors – you’ve never seen such romance in about hiring a caterer! Worth watching just for that scene towards the end.