A Back-Up Plan For Your Wedding Day. Rain? Snow? Heat? Be Covered.

This weekend’s heat wave /extreme weather caused difficulty for many California brides, grooms and planners.  Choosing wedding locations in California like Palm Springs, perfect for destination weddings, often make people think they don’t need to worry about weather.  Here’s the bottom line:

If any part of your wedding will be outdoors, always have a back-up location.

I’ll repeat.

If any part of your wedding will be outdoors, always have a back-up location.

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Get the flowers (and your guests) out of the weather)!

Wherever your outdoor venue is, make sure that you or your planner make arrangements for a space nearby to be available in case of bad weather.  That could mean a tent, the church basement, or a banquet room inside, but make sure you have somewhere to go, and people designated to direct guests.

Chances are, you won’t need your back-up location.  But looking back at  the last year’s tornadoes, hurricanes and heat waves, you’ll surely breathe easier.

Live well, and love well,


Wedding Movie Wednesday! 80s Teen Comedy – Sixteen Candles

Feeling irritated by your sisters? Sorority, soul or otherwise? Whether you’re the bride or the maid, a night with this classic 80s John Hughes comedy, will loosen everyone up. Have an 80’s themed sleep-over to screen Sixteen Candles: the perfect presentation of teen angst about boys, turning 16, and being a bridesmaid. And just you try not to melt a little, deep in your 14 year old heart, over Michael Schoeffling. (Good luck with that.)

Sixteen Candles