Wedding Video Etiquette: A Poll! Vote Now!

Often overexcited newlyweds are dying, DYING to show friends their wedding video. Meanwhile, many friends squirm. They were there! In real time! So how do you handle being asked to watch someone’s wedding movie? Vote in our poll! [polldaddy poll=8212336] Related articles A Palm Springs wedding florist is like a Broadway show. Wedding Season’s Not … Read moreWedding Video Etiquette: A Poll! Vote Now!

Wedding Extras – Have we gone too far?

A tweet caught my eye today – admiring someone’s “Day After Wedding Shoot.”  Is this a thing? Disturbing, if you ask me.  The wedding industry puts a lot of pressure on couples.  The “musts” have expanded through the years. We’ve hit a point where what’s expected has ballooned- and at a time when people’s ability … Read moreWedding Extras – Have we gone too far?

Toxic friends and the wedding

Toxic chemicals are hazardous to your health – and so are toxic friends.  They make everyday life difficult, how do you navigate a special event like a wedding? Let’s look at a few personality types, and strategize. The Guilt Machine: She makes you feel bad whenever you see her.  You’re not spending enough time listening … Read moreToxic friends and the wedding