What’s The Best Use Of Wedding Planning Time? Hint: You’re not going to “like” it.

Planning a wedding can feel like a black hole where you throw your time. Remember those days when you went out for drinks? As Spring hits, the weather is making us all long to put on some shorts and go play. So what’s the most efficient way to plan, so we can get out and enjoy the beautiful weather? Well, for starters, finish reading this blog and power down your shiny screen. Bottom line: you gotta stop pinning, liking and tweeting to focus and get things done.

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Don’t get me wrong.  Wedding websites, blogs and software have moved event planning lightyears ahead of where we were. But then you get to the “rabbit hole” type of phenomenon like Pinterest.  You start out admiring a pretty veil someone posted, and three hours later you’re in a pinning frenzy finding recipes, houses to buy, cars you like…it can spin out of control.

So if you want to get out and enjoy the cherry blossoms, tiptoe through the tulips or just have general fun in the sun, put away the electronics, get down to the task at hand and try not to get distracted. Ready, set, focus!

See you in the park…we’ll be the ones putting up the wedding arbor. Watch it with the frisbee. K?

Be well, and love well.



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Pretty Fricken Funny! Brides do say some CRAZY things.

I admit it – I must have said something in this video verbatim while planning my wedding.  We who planned in glass houses shall not throw cake plates.  We’ll just giggle, and not take ourselves so seriously.

Enjoy – a good laugh is cathartic!  And thank you to WeddingChannel.com, and to YouTube.



The Zen of Registries: Two Toasters and a Backstreet Boy

Vocal group, Backstreet Boys became one of the...
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Oh no! Aunt Ida and your BFF both brought a toaster to your shower. Panic! Registry Drama!

Wait- don’t get all worked up.  Breathe deeply and contemplate The Zen of Registries.  Personal testimony – the Backstreet Boys completely changed my perspective on the headaches of wedding registries.  Read on.

In the year 2000, at a monastery high on a mountaintop in the Himalayas…ok,ok, a bit much.

In the year 2000, on the 7th floor of a downtown Los Angeles office building,  WeddingChannel.com received a call from a giggling teenage girl asking to go to the Backstreet Boys’ wedding.  We had no idea that Brian (and his fellow Backstreeter Kevin Richardson) were both registered,  and we were unprepared for the deluge of lovesick calls that followed.  Our Macy’s counterparts were  swamped with fake orders.  After a million phone calls to managers and agents, and one conversation with Brian himself, we got it straightened out.

Are you still in the lotus position, and concentrating on your breathing? Imagine trying to untangle that mess.  Think back to your toasters.  Do they merit high anxiety? And the most important question to contemplate: Can you believe I got to talk to an actual Backstreet Boy on the phone?  OMG, you guys!!!!