My Little Wedding Advice Shop: Brides, To Thine Own Self Be True (and Caring)!

My Little Wedding Advice Shop: Brides, To Thine Own Self Be True (and Caring)!

A bride of ours has had a hard week. Two of her bridesmaids have had “midnight meltdowns” requiring phone conversations into the wee hours. Her work hours stay the same, as always, so she’s tired and stressed out. Not exactly optimal conditions for managing her own wedding planning tasks which are weighing on her, making her more stressed out, so she’s staying up late…it’s a vicious cycle.

For the best wedding day, be kind to yourself in the months beforehand

   Does this sound familiar? Are you a “rock” in the lives of a   lot of the people you know? Well, now that you are in wedding planning mode there’s someone more important that you’ve got to make your number one priority: yourself. It’s hard to say no, and to tell people you can’t be available in ways you have been, but planning a big celebration of a rite of passage is no small task, and comes with stressors of its own, both physical and emotional. You can’t spend your energy taking care of everyone else in your life because there will be nothing left for you.

So we advised our bride to gently ease herself out of the role of “rock,” because she’s got a rock of her own now, and will want all her energy to ride the rollercoaster that is planning a wedding. Good advice for any overextended bride. As RuPaul says, “if you can’t love yourself, how in the hell are going to love somebody else?” She always asks if she can get an Amen at that point – and I will give one. Amen!

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