Wedding Planning Ideas: Write Them Down!

We’ve been re-arranging, decorating and cleaning our humble home recently. The blog Apartment Therapy and their guided “January Cure,” (a task-a-day kick start to a year of clutter clearing and nesting activities,) got us going and now we’re off on all sorts of projects and improvements.

When we get on this sort of kick, the ideas start flowing. There was one brilliant idea we were super excited about that was going to revolutionize our space and make our lives easier – but we can’t remember what it was.  During our burst of creativity and inspiration, we neglected to take out pad and pencil, (or Ipad and finger) and write it down. 

Write down how you see your decor, so we can get it just right, like this wedding canopy.
Write down how you see your decor, so we can get it just right, like this wedding canopy.


Do not follow our example with your wedding planning light bulb moments!  Write EVERYTHING down that inspires you.  Later on you’ll combine the decor idea from your co-worker’s cousin’s buffet with the recipe you read in Gourmet magazine at the dentist’s office, the classical music you heard driving after admiring a scene in a Bollywood movie with gauzy fabric and a zillion candles.  But it will only come together if you keep paper & a pen (or your favorite way to make notes- Ipad, voice memo, etc)

  • in your desk at work
  • in your purse
  • in the car
  • next to your fave spot to watch TV

Another great (and quite common) source of inspiration? Your dreams.  So don’t forget one more pad by the bed.  Sleep tight.

Live well and love well.


Don’t Blame It On The Rain! Have A Plan For Bad Weather On Your Wedding Day.

As Hurricane Isaac heads towards Tampa, site of the Republican National Convention, I feel a little empathy for the event planners in charge of the countless parties in the works for next week. There’s no way of knowing what the conditions will be – a little sprinkling? Gale force winds? Regardless, they have to have a plan. Rental companies from all over the South must be sending tents that direction.

Although your wedding may be a bit smaller in scale than a national political party convention, you’ve got to think ahead. A rain plan is a must. No matter what time of year it is, you just can’t tell when the skies are going to open up.  The weather has gotten bizarre all over the country (the Republicans won’t admit it, but people who believe in things like evolution have done studies and it has to do with global warming).

English: Hurricane Isaac
English: Hurricane Isaac (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Even here in Palm Springs with our  notoriously perfect weather, I was relieved to have options on our wedding day when – guess what? It started to rain.  The universe smiled on us, and we had a perfect evening by the time the ceremony rolled around, but if we had to move indoors, the Hotel Zoso was prepared.

So when deciding on a venue, ask about a rain option.  If they shrug their shoulders, shrug yours and move along.  Risking it is just that – a risk.  If you take that chance and everyone gets soaked, you can’t blame it on the rain.

Be well, and love well.


FL readers, stay safe, and dry!  Good luck to any planners involved with the convention!

Gold Medal Wedding Advice

Ah the Olympics.  Young smiling athletes performing at their best representing us all.  In a way, we see the best in our country as we watch the competitions in London.

But what else do we see?  We see hear a lot from commentators about “the Olympic Ideals”  which seem like things we all ought to live up to.  Respect, friendship, education, world peace…etc.  As a wedding professional, and drawing from my experience at a top Palm Springs florist, I see lessons brides can take from these young athletes and apply to their planning.  Here are three:

  • Have a Positive Attitude.  From the moment they stepped out onto the track for opening ceremonies, the athletes were thrilled. They were full of energy,confidence, and smiles! Thinking positive changes your outlook, and makes you a happier bride.  Through it all this is a celebration you’re planning! What fun, right?

    LONDON, ENGLAND - JULY 27: Fireworks explode o...
    LONDON, ENGLAND – JULY 27: Fireworks explode over the Olympic Stadium during the opening ceremony of the 2012 London Olympic Games on July 27, 2012 in London, England. (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)
  • Listen to your coach. The athletes (well, the smart ones, anyway,) know when it’s time to let someone else make a decision.  They have faith that they’re working with someone they trust to do what’s best for everyone involved.  This can be a hard one for brides, who frequently feel they need to direct every detail of their wedding.  Sometimes though, your vendor, or bridesmaid, or even (gasp) your mother knows better, so it’s important to listen, and learn to let go.
  • Live In The Moment. Listening to the athletes’ interviews, each one repeated that their overall Olympic experience was the most important thing to them. You could tell they were soaking in their time as Olympians, and relishing their time in London. Brides should keep that in mind.  Wedding planning can be a drag, for sure, but this is a time of your life that you’ll never get back.  Enjoy every minute.

Our Olympic athletes are kicking serious butt in London.  And it’s a delight to see the country rally around a group of bright, talented young people.  Be patient as you, or the bride in your life, move through the wedding planning process. In the end, everyone will rally to see you win something better than a gold medal: a happy married life.