Wedding Movies We Love! The Sound of Music

The Sound of Music, 1964 Technicolor musical starring a fresh-faced Julie Andrews has such a dramatic movie wedding! In a dark and shadowy abbey, wearing a dress that falls somewhere between nun’s habit and Princess Grace, Fraulein Maria ties the knot. A widowed dad marrying the nanny is a tired plot device nowadays. In this case, it’s the true story.  And such a crazy one, what with singing families, runaway nuns and nazis, it would be hard to make this up.

We urge everyone to revisit this charming tale you may not have seen since childhood. But in case you don’t have that kind of time, don’t skip the wedding scene clip below, because we are living for that veil!!!

PS – if you’re itching to channel the Fraulein, or Liesel, check out this Pinterest board for options.

Gorgeous My Little Flower Shop Wedding: Palm Springs florist on tour!

Yes, My Little Flower Shop does weddings all over Southern California!  This wedding was beyond beautiful blog post than a gorgeous wedding, this one held at a private estate in Diamond Bar speaks for itself.  Photography by Troy Grover Photographers.

Thanks to Two Bright Lights for their excellent systems connecting vendors and photos!

other vendors included

Coast Catering, Exquisite Desserts, The Events Department,


Don’t Blame It On The Rain! Have A Plan For Bad Weather On Your Wedding Day.

As Hurricane Isaac heads towards Tampa, site of the Republican National Convention, I feel a little empathy for the event planners in charge of the countless parties in the works for next week. There’s no way of knowing what the conditions will be – a little sprinkling? Gale force winds? Regardless, they have to have a plan. Rental companies from all over the South must be sending tents that direction.

Although your wedding may be a bit smaller in scale than a national political party convention, you’ve got to think ahead. A rain plan is a must. No matter what time of year it is, you just can’t tell when the skies are going to open up.  The weather has gotten bizarre all over the country (the Republicans won’t admit it, but people who believe in things like evolution have done studies and it has to do with global warming).

English: Hurricane Isaac
English: Hurricane Isaac (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Even here in Palm Springs with our  notoriously perfect weather, I was relieved to have options on our wedding day when – guess what? It started to rain.  The universe smiled on us, and we had a perfect evening by the time the ceremony rolled around, but if we had to move indoors, the Hotel Zoso was prepared.

So when deciding on a venue, ask about a rain option.  If they shrug their shoulders, shrug yours and move along.  Risking it is just that – a risk.  If you take that chance and everyone gets soaked, you can’t blame it on the rain.

Be well, and love well.


FL readers, stay safe, and dry!  Good luck to any planners involved with the convention!